About Spiryt

Spiryt has been into art all of his life, being inspired by many family members who are also artists he found his vocation in tattooing back in 2008. He now specializes in both black/grey and color tattoos. Being well versed in various shades of skin he has a wealth of knowledge about applying rock solid, mind blowing tattoos onto a myriad of skin tones and textures.

He is a formally trained tattoo artist who after an intense first apprenticeship realized that he wanted to take his knowledge further, by seeking the knowledge of his current mentor, who himself can trace his lineage back to the first tattoo artist Samuel L. Riley. Under his current mentors tutelage, he utilizes age old techniques which have stood the test of time and that make the art of tattooing a steadfast medium. These antiquated tricks of the trade have allowed Spiryt to grow exponentially not only as a tattoo artist but as a person.

Currently he can be found tattooing in Columbia SC, or occasionally along side his mentor in Charlotte NC.