Cover Up Tattoos

If you have a tattoo that you regret getting or one that has faded beyond recognition, Tattoo Spirit can help. At Tattoo Spirit, I do a tremendous job at designing and inking tattoos that will cover up your other old tattoo. Your cover up tattoo can recreate your original tattoo or be a completely new design. Whatever you decide to do, you can trust me, your tattoo artist, to safely and expertly make your old tattoo disappear without painful laser treatments.

No matter how big the tattoo piece is, I can assure you that I can work with you to create a new piece of body ink art that not only covers up the old one, but provides an original design to your body. I can easily take the piece you want covered up and transform it into the unique design that you desire.

My cover up tattoos are of only the most professional quality and safe application. If you have any concerns about your designs or pricing don’t hesitate to call my tattoo shop, Tattoo Spirit in Columbia, SC, today!