Custom Tattoos

A realistic tattoo gives the illusion of a tattoo being above the skin or within the body. It can create an idea that you can touch and feel the texture of the tattoo design. This can convey the realistic expression of a portrait or the feel of wind in leaves on a tree. Body ink is a striking way to fine-tune the way your body looks. Whatever your motivation, there is a wide variety of such tattoos, ranging from the in-your-face to the more subtle.

At Tattoo Spirit, I can bring your custom tattoos to life. I have the knack for art of all kinds and a steady hand to create your body arts with utmost creativity. Whether you’re looking for a portrait tattoo or picture of your favorite landscape, I can do anything you put me up to.

Those who are looking for custom tattoos can do so by visiting me at my tattoo studio, Tattoo Spirit in Columbia, SC.